Another Time Bear
Specializing in Teddy Bears created from recycled fur coats
and other keepsake clothing
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How much will it cost?

That's a very good question.  I want to make this easy for you and for me.  I don't charge for every little thing.  My prices are basic.

Let's start first with shipping, if you live outside of Central Massachusetts.
You will need to send your coat to me.   I strongly suggest, for your protection, that you send it to me with some type of return receipt and that will give you insurance.  In this way you know that I have received it - besides the fact I will either e-mail you or call you.

If you live in Central Massachusetts, I can arrange to pick up your coat , meet you half way, or you can come see me and at the same time I can tell you how many bears I can get out of it, along with the cost.

Now, how do you get your bears back?
For those you have shipped your coat or other item to me, I will ship your bears back to you via UPS.  I have found this way more reliable, quicker and less expensive.  The cost is $25.

If you live in Central Massachusetts I will return them the same way which I picked them up, unless you brought your coat to a craft show.  In that case, arrangements will be made differently.

Please understand that shipping is always an iffy thing. I have been making bears for over 15 years and have never had a shipment lost. I will now add that I did have one lost in August 2014. You should note that no matter how much you insure your article for it truly is a priceless keepsake. I can't make any guarantees that a shipment won't be lost. I send all my bears UPS with tracking but nothing is guaranteed. Sorry.  This bear did show up 2 months later on the doorstep of its owner.

Please be aware that I  usually have a wait list, which at times can be several months before I can take your item.


The actual cost of making the Teddy Bear.....

I make either a 12" or 18" Teddy Bear.  I charge the same price regardless of what size Teddy Bear I make.  This keeps it simple for everyone.

If I make a Teddy Bear from a fur coat the cost per Teddy Bear is $95.00.

This includes, Mink, Muskrat, Rabbit, Persian Lamb, Fox, Goat, Beaver or Raccoon.

If you would like a Teddy Bear made from an item other than a fur coat, the cost is $75.00 per Teddy Bear.

This would include Baby Clothes, Sleepers, Pajamas, Flannel Shirt, Broadcloth type fabrics, Denim.

I have had the pleasure to make Teddy Bears of old military uniforms. 

For these particular items, I strongly recommend an 18" Teddy Bear, the cost is $95.00.

There are some fabrics which I won't make Teddy Bears from.
This is always at my discretion.  I in no way encourage people to have the clothing article made into a Teddy Bear if you show some type of hesitation.  I'm always willing to speak with you, or e-mail me, to discuss your options.  When you are ready to do this, it is your choice.  Sales are not my thing.
  I want you to be completely comfortable with your choices.


This is the cost in a nutshell.  I'm sure you'll have more questions, which I'd be happy to answer.  Please remember that all Teddy Bears are made from older fabrics and furs.  For this reason, these Teddy Bears are not meant to be played with by a child but are truly a collectable keepsake item.

What do you get for your money?

  • All Teddy Bears are fully lined, either with muslin or broadcloth fabric.
  • All Teddy Bears are fully jointed.  All four way.
  • Heads will be jointed at my discretion.
  • All Teddy Bears are made from the materials provided by you.
  • In the case of Fur, the lining will be used for the tie around the neck and the pockets (if they're still there) will be the pads on the feet.
  • In the case of the fabric Teddy Bears I will put a ribbon around the neck.
  • If there are buttons, I try to put them on the ties.
  • If there is a monogram on the coat, I will put this on the tie if you'd like.  If the letters can be separated, they can be used on more than one Teddy Bear.
  • I don't generally use the coat label in the Teddy Bear.  However, if you want this incorporated in the Teddy Bear you must inform me.

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