Another Time Bear
Specializing in Teddy Bears created from recycled fur coats
and other keepsake clothing
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Available Teddy Bears.....

Be sure to check out the available Teddy Bears at the craft shows each fall.  The earlier in the season, the more variety of Teddy Bears!

You can also see Teddy Bears which I have recently created from "your" coats on my Face Book page - Another Time Bear.  I'll be posting some of the bears I've made for "you" here so you can see my past work.
12 Teddy Bear from a Blonde Muskrat Coat.This 12" Teddy Bear was made from a Blonde Muskrat Coat.
Sorry, I have a home in Holliston, MA

This Rabbit, about 14" tall, is made from a beautiful brown Persian Lamb coat.  The pads are from the pockets of the coat (velvet!) and his ears are made from  the wonderful mink collar.  Sorry, I've found in a home in Worcester, MA.
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