Another Time Bear
Specializing in Teddy Bears created from recycled fur coats
and other keepsake clothing
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What material can be used?
Teddy Bears can be made from many types of coats...
Mink * Muskrat * Rabbit * Persian Lamb  * Raccoon * Fox
    And what about non fur items...
    Flannel shirts * Broadcloth clothing * Baby sleepwear * baby clothing * dresses * military uniforms
      I don't make bears from satin, very stretchy fabrics or sweaters.
      All bears are fully lined with muslin.  They are all stuffed with polyester fiberfill and slightly weighted with either plastic pellets or copper shot.  Each is fully jointed, including the head if made from fur.  I incorporate all the parts of the coat or clothing as best I can into each bear.  Please feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding this.

      I generally have Teddy Bears on hand which are made from coats which I have purchased.  I may not always have a big variety, depending on the time of year, but there generally are Teddy Bears looking for new homes available.  Please contact me for availability.  I'd be happy to e-mail pictures to you.

      This 12" Teddy Bear was made from an old Muskrat jacket.

        This 18" Teddy Bear was made from a Beaver coat.
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