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and other keepsake clothing
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Teddy Bears from old fur coats.....Teddy Bears from real fur.....Teddy Bears from recycled coats.

Have you ever wondered what to do with that fur your grandmother gave you?  It has sat in your closet for years!

Teddy Bears are a great way to enjoy the coat, or stole, and share it with other family members.

Teddy Bears can be made from your fur and given to family members.  This is a wonderful keepsake.

All Teddy Bears are lined with muslin, slightly weighted with copper shot and stuffed with polyester fiberfill.  They are all fully jointed.  I try to incorporate as much of the coat into the bear as I can.  The pads on the feet are made from the coat pockets, as long as they are still usable!   The lining is used for either a bow tie or a tie around the neck of the bear.  And if there is an old button on the coat, I'll add that to the tie.  Monogram?  That can go on the tie!  Each fur bear will have a plastic nose and black button eyes.

This is a wonderful way for other family members to remember a loved one.  And what about your teenagers old baby clothes?  Have you ever thought of making these into a Teddy Bear?
Located in Worcester, MA, I've been making Teddy Bears since I was a child and I've been creating Teddy Bears from old fur coats and clothing since 2002.  This is my true love. 
Arrangements can be made for me to pick up your coat, if you live in Central Massachusetts, or you can send it to me.  Please be sure to contact me prior to shipping so I know to expect it.

I can give you an estimate of the cost (which I try to keep reasonable) on the phone or via e-mail.  All prices, delivery times and the number of bears I can get from your coat are estimates and subject to what life might throw my way!  General turn around time is 6-8 weeks, however that can vary depending on how busy I am.  Please be sure to tell me if you've seen me at a craft show.

When not making Teddy Bears I'm busy with my job at a financial institution here in Worcester.  I'm married and have two children, now in their 20's.  Kate, who designs sea glass jewelry - - and Dan.  And we will soon welcome our first grandchild in February 2017 as my daughter and her husband are expecting a baby boy.

We have a full house of pets with two cats, Misha, 12 (who is a pure bred Abyssinian that joined us via Logan Airport from Ohio) and Stuart who was born in May 2018 (adopted from FOWA in New Jersey, he was found with his siblings on the shore of a river in Pennsylvania.  And he is a black & white polydactyl.),one lovebird, a conure, Spot the magic rabbit (You can see him on the website, and 12 goldfish (these reside in our outside pond which we built in 2003-same fish!).  And I can't forget Sam.  Sam came to us at 3 months old ion October 2012 from New England All Breed Rescue and is a Hound Beagle mix and weighs in at 65!  He even has his own Facebook page at Sam Eli. (Why not?)

Please read the next page "About us" to learn more of what I do with
the Teddy Bears.  This is an article which ran in the Worcester Telegram in October 2008.

I've also joined the Face Book rage, for anyone who may wish to see Teddy Bears which I have completed.  See my page at Another Time Bear on Face Book.  I post recently completed bears on there from all different kinds of materials so you can get an idea of what some of the finished bears look like.

I have a book which I wrote about the rescue of a baby doll from the shores of a local pond.  Check it out on - Saving Mabel:  The Rescue of an Abandoned Baby Doll.  Or contact me directly for a copy.

Photography is my second love and my work can be found on my Etsy site for sale at

Please be aware that I usually have a wait list - which could be several months before I can take your article.

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